Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here are a few of the knives I have made recently.

The bigger drop point blade with the birdseye maple handle was one of my first successful attempts at creating a vivid hamon line on a blade. Also one of my first big blade sales, a lady from Fairfield purchased it from me at our local farmers / artisan market. To create the hamon I used clay from my backyard mixed with powdered charcoal and ashes from my forge to form a primitive refactory cement or fireproof clay. This clay was used to cover the back of the blade and allowed to dry, then the blade was heated in my forge to critical ( non magnetic ) then quenched in warm oil. After spending an hour in the tempering oven ( a toaster oven ) at about 400 degrees F. I began the slow process of polishing the blade with waterstones and wet/dry sand paper. The smaller Utility knife with the birdseye maple handle is also 1084 with a hamon line, it was sold to a gentleman from Chicago.


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