Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here is an interesting little blade forged from a 3/8 Blue Devil allen wrench, handle wrap is hemp cord sealed with epoxy. I left the top portion of the blade hammer marked for contrast and etched the blade with white vinegar to give it a dull non reflective finish.

This guy was really fun, I got the inspiration for this one after a long walk through the jungle like woods adjacent to my home. After chopping my way through a tangle of multiflora rose, black locust and poison ivy with a little SOG Seal Team Pup, I though I could do better. The shape of the 5160 spring steel blade is somewhat like a Malay Golok, the handle is bubinga and pins are brass. The forward swept design and curve of the handle concentrates the force of a swing at a point about 2.5 inches or so back from the tip . Kind of like the "sweet spot " of a baseball bat. Sapplings larger than 1 1/2 inches may require more than one swing... This thing was forged to chop and does it well. I'm still working on the hand carved sheath, also out of bubinga.

Here is my Neo -tribal deer leg bone handled seax, the blade is forged from 1084 the bone handle is attached with rawhide and rosin. I have recently applied a mustard patina to the blade to age it, I think I looks even better. This last seax blade is forged from 5160 spring steel, bubinga & elk hide sheath with a deer tine toggle. The Handle is figured cherry, pins are brass, this was also given away to another knifemaker/ blacksmith in a Chritsmas KITH , Jim Joyce of Stewarts Point CA is the lucky new owner, Aka JJ for those that frequent Iforge Iron or anvilfire's slacktub pub. Take a moment and check out Bear Path Forge.


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