Friday, August 25, 2006

My Fathers cabin project In Rico Colorado

Rico Renovation

My Father has taken up an incredible construction project in the historic mountain town of Rico Colorado.

This summer he began a project to update & renovate a historic cabin in downtown Rico, lived in by my great, great, grandfather ( -I think I got that right -) Who operated a blacksmith shop and Livery stable in the town of Rico in the late 1800's. The really cool part is, he is using timbers and other parts from several other historic cabins to help give the new addition the look and feel of a 100 or 200 year old mountain cabin , but with modern conveiniences like heated floors and running water. Also I'm really looking forward to forging some special stuff for this cabin project.


Blogger Dave and Lynn said...

Nice to see your blog too Jens and thanks for posting our blog on yours. I really like your text and some great photos. When I get the "wagon jack post" installed I will get a close up for anyone to see your handy work. I mentioned it to the guys on the job, they thought it was original...yes an original Jens Butler. Hope you're putting that hammer to good use...

10:54 PM  

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