Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some of my recent work... and some not so recent.

This is a Viking style hand axe I forged a while ago, the bit or cutting edge is 1095 the body of the axe is mild steel strapping from a engine crate. The body is forged to shape then wraped around the horn of the anvil,then forge welded together. This takes several welding heats to acomplish, but after the first weld sticks things together, I put it in the post vice and drive the prepared 1095 cutting bit in and coat with flux while its still hot. To Prepare the 1095 cutting bit I grind the mill scale off and place it in a vice, take a sharp chisel and cut several barb like teeth on either side. The teeth help hold it in place while you are trying to forge weld it. NOTHING is more annoying than pulling a axe out of the fire at the perfect welding temp and having the bit slide out onto the floor. BTDT ! It sux!

I found this earlier today, this guy has a very interesting theory about What If the Vikings had stayed in North America and expaneded their settlements. http://system13.wordpress.com/2006/08/27/what-if-the-vikings-...


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